40 Prado | From Dreams to Reality: The Making of 40 Prado
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From Dreams to Reality: The Making of 40 Prado

Longstanding plans for a new homeless services center to serve the needy in San Luis Obispo County collapsed in 2014 due to neighborhood opposition.

Less than a year later, with new leadership and a new vision, an all-new effort emerged with a seemingly impossible goal: a new location, a new approach to a comprehensive services center—and a need to raise $4.0M within 18 months. Easy enough, right?

A volunteer organization was created and BCA’s Dave Cox stepped up to join the board. He committed the full resources and talents of the company to manage the marketing and fundraising campaign-pro bono.

The 40 Prado campaign then came to life.

BCA oversaw every aspect of the campaign, including staffing volunteer committees, pitching news stories, generating editorials of support, and much more.

With nearly $50,000 of our own staff time donated, BCA created a rippling effect with donations pouring in from local businesses and other generous souls.

Local TV, radio and newspaper support totaled $60,000, which helped spread the word for even more contributions to be made.

Social media played a significant role in building community awareness and support.

All in all, the 40 Prado campaign was a huge success. With more than $4.6 million raised, a community’s dream is now becoming a reality.