40 Prado | By the Numbers
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A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Currently, the Maxine Lewis emergency shelter and overflow shelter programs at local churches and synagogue have reached their maximum capacity. The shelter building has exceeded its useful life. The Prado Day Center lease with the City must end in 2017 due to the expansion of the water reclamation facility, which makes this a critical need.

1,500 People

At any given point in time there are approximately 1,500 homeless individuals living in SLO County.

112 Families

There are 112 homeless families in our county. This figure does not include families who have “doubled-up” in housing due to economic necessity.

The risk of homelessness is highest among single female-headed households and families with children under the age of 6.*


homeless children**


are homeless for more than 1 year


are mentally ill


are unaccompanied/transition-aged youth


of the homeless population was living in San Luis Obispo when they became homeless. 43% were “doubled-up” living with friends or relatives.


reported this was not their first episode of homelessness


of the homeless population has received some college or holds a college degree

These figures are from the 2015 Homeless Enumeration report
*     SLO County Office of Education enrollment numbers
**    National data