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food-line-2-300x225One of the hallmarks of San Luis Obispo is that we are a community of caring people who dare to address the challenges before us.

Today we face the challenge of caring for our community’s homeless and working poor who seek to return to self-sufficiency. Our response to this challenge is to bring together existing services under one roof, allowing for the consolidation of staff, utilities, donations and volunteers.

The 40 Prado Road project will streamline current programs at a significant cost savings over time and will combine other social service functions such as Head Start meals preparation.

The proposed facility will combine emergency shelter services and day services currently being provided at two locations – Maxine Lewis Shelter and Prado Day Center – and will also eliminate the need for overflow sheltering at local churches and synagogue. The 40 Prado Road project will streamline current programs at a significant cost savings over time. Case management is the cornerstone of this innovative center, putting individuals and families on a path that will lead to self-sufficiency. First-time clients receive individualized plans, with a focus on permanent supportive housing.

Funds raised for this project will help our community members who find themselves homeless due to poverty, job loss, emotional hardship/illness or other economically disabling conditions. 40 Prado Road will be a clean and safe haven for those in need, serving returning veterans, sober adults, single mothers, children, the elderly and people with mental illness.


Funds raised through the Foundation will serve people who have found themselves without shelter due to poverty, loss of a job, or disabling conditions.  Services will be provided to:

  • Sober adults
  • Single mothers
  • Children
  • The elderly
  • And people with mental illness


Funds raised through the Foundation will build a clean and safe haven for those in need, providing physical and emotional care as well as nourishment.


  • Emergency shelter beds for 100, with capacity up to 150 in inclement weather
  • Family dorms
  • Safe overnight parking
  • Learning center/dayroom with computers
  • Laundry room
  • Children’s play area
  • Pet kennel
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Community garden
  • Daytime showers and locker room
  • Offices for case managers, other community agency staff and volunteers
  • Dining room



The Homeless Foundation of San Luis Obispo County is obligated to improving our entire community.  To that end, the Foundation has worked with governmental agencies and non-profits to consolidate services and reduce costs.

  • The shelter building has exceeded its useful life.
  • Because of the cooperation of city and county governments, non-profit agencies and the private business sector, the new location for the proposed Homeless Services Center at 40 Prado is owned free and clear.  It represents a new spirit of collaboration and an alignment of goals that assures cooperation will continue throughout the building process.
  • The average cost of a home in San Luis Obispo County is $374 per square foot (Zillow).  The cost of the new center is anticipated to be about $225 per square foot, another illustration of the power of consolidation and cooperation.